Aren’t Your Vacations Stressful Enough?

Travelling with children can be stressful at the best of times.  Dealing with naps, bad moods and boredom are just some of the trials you must overcome, let alone the fact that customs and border patrol are questioning your every move.  Although we can’t help you change a dirty diaper in an airplane washroom, our  Child Travel Consent form can help reduce the time and hassle of crossing international borders with a child in tow.

A child travel consent form is used when a child is travelling without both parents present.  The child could be travelling either with only one parent, or with another trusted adult and neither parent.  The consent form is a printed letter explicitly stating that the named person has consent to accompany your child on a trip for a specific location and time range.    Here’s why we think this is a must-have form for every vacation.

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